Tender Secretariat Services
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The Tender Secretariat offer the following Services ;

  • Preparing, publishing and distributing  procurement and disposal opportunities including invitations to tender, pre-qualification documents and invitations for expressions of interest;
  • Coordinating the receiving and opening of tender documents;
  • Maintaining and safeguarding procurement and disposal documents and records ;
  • Submitting shortlists and lists of pre-qualified tenderers to the tender committee for approval;
  • Issuing procurement and disposal documents to candidates in accordance with the Public Procurement Act and Regulations;
  • Proposing the membership of evaluation committee to the accounting officer for approval;
  • Coordinating the evaluation of tenders, and proposals;
  • Recommending  a negotiating team for appointment by the accounting officer where negotiations are allowed by the Act and these Regulations and participate in such negotiations;
  • Preparing and publishing notices of award and notices of tender acceptance;
  • Preparing contract documents, in line with the award decision;
  • Preparing and issue rejection and debriefing letters;
  • Preparing contract variations and modifications to documents;
  • Maintaining and archive documents and records of the procurement and disposal activities for the required period;
  • Providing information, as required, for any petition or investigation to debar a tenderers or contractor or any investigation under review procedures;
  • Implementing the decisions of the tender and disposal committees, including coordinating all activities of these committees;
  • secretariat  to  the  tender committe;
  • Preparing and submitting to the Public procurement Oversight Authority reports required under the Act, Regulations and guidelines of the Authority;
  • Reporting  any significant departures from the terms and conditions of the contract to the Vice- Chancellor 
  • Prepare consolidated procurement and disposal plans;