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Thu, 2016-11-24 12:49
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The Procurement Department today Wednesday 23rd November 2016 held a Suppliers & Contractors sensitization workshop targeting youth, women and persons living with disabilities owned firms.

An officer from the Public Procurement Oversight Authority (PPOA) talked to the members on Preferences and Reservation in Procurement which is a section in the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act. He thanked the University for giving the 34% to special groups and encouraged them increase even up to 50% if it is possible. He also asked the office involved to ensure that funds are available when they initiate a procurement process since it’s a crime not to avail these funds. He assured the suppliers that the government is taking care to them and it will continue to empower them socially and economically. He also cautioned suppliers who falsify documents citing they are disabled when in the real sense they are not. To the procuring entities, he reminded them that they are supposed to present their 30% procurement plan within 60 days of the beginning of every financial year and to also report on quarterly basis on the percentage it has given to the marginalized groups.

Speaking on behalf the Vice Chancellor, Professor Mbithi, Ag Deputy Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance Prof Isaac Mbeche emphasized on the importance the University has given to special groups which comprise of women, youth and persons living with disabilities. In the financial year 2015/2016, UON has given 295 million shillings to these special groups which translates to 34%, 4.5% more than the set standard of 30%. The women were given procurement worth over 140 million, youth over 85 million and persons living with disabilities were given procurement worth over 8 million. Professor Mbeche encouraged more of these groups to come forward promising that the University will endeavor to improve these figures. He also reminded the suppliers that the University upholds the rule of law and all procurement matters will be handled in accordance with the regulations set in the Procurement and Disposal act. He also retaliated the University expects the suppliers and contractors to be ethical and deliver goods/services on time, and that the university is looking for suppliers it can rely to maintain its world class status.

The Procurement Manager, Mr. Mokaya on his part urged the suppliers and contractors to be checking on the University website and newspapers for new tenders. He reminded them of the vision of the University which is a world class University ‘We also need world class services from you. You have the potential to help build UON or ruin it’ he told the members. Mr. Mokaya also talked about Public Procurement which is guided by; (i) Transparency-All university tenders are put on the website, and newspapers. (ii)Fair Play-Nobody is discriminated and all awarded tenders are put on the newspapers. (iii)Evaluation-All suppliers/contractors are evaluated. (iv)Tender opening- everyone is welcome to the tender openings. He also asked the suppliers to deliver on time and deliver quality goods/services.

On their part, the suppliers pointed out issues on delayed payments, they also requested that those with small profit margins be pain soonest so as not to incur losses. They also requested for letters from UON to take to theirLPO financing companies e.g. banks to indicate that UON will pay after a certain period.

The workshop was held at the Central Catering Unit (CCU) and was attended by members of the University Management Board (UMB), Registrar, Administration, Mr. Mbugua, principals of colleges, Deans, Directors, Suppliers, Contractors members of staff among others.

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